Medical Device Market Trends

  1. According to Clarkston Consulting, the de novo pathways to patients is becoming less challenging for the device manufacturers. Due to the emphasis, the regulations are placing on patient engagement, using this classification will become more acceptable. They do note that as this is still labeled as “high-risk” you should be prepared to provide very detailed documentation.
  2. The Asia Pacific locations are becoming more dominate locations for outsourcing.
  3. More and less evasive procedures will be on the rise. This is due to patient awareness, costs of service and improvements in guidewire devices
  4. Lastly, BCG presents a very strong case for the next generation of pricing. With continuous mergers and pressure from the market to cut costs, device manufacturers have to get creative about their margins and pricing models.

All companies need to be aware of the market shifts. History shows over and over again, if you are not being pro-active about following these shifts, you will start to see a negative impact on your business.