What is your Digital Transformation Strategy?

Last week I spent two days walking the PROMAT Show floor and it was clear to me that a digital transformation is coming whether we like it or not. Everything from robotics, AI and blockchain bells and whistles were proudly on display.

Based upon a report put out by MHI and Deloitte, there are four stages of “Digital Adoption” but there will not be one single key driver for this, as it will be spread out amongst several types of digital tools.

To get the full report you can click this link.

Have you started your digital adoption strategy yet? The first place to start would be to conduct some form of an audit of your current system to see where the gaps are. Simply have increased transparency to your supply chain would be a great start. Is there something you can easily automate that would have a great impact on the business?

What about IIOT? One example is how Caterpillar teamed up with Uptake to help them better monitor their equipment so they could be more proactive vs. reactive around the repairs and maintenance of their fleets.

And don’t think this is going to be expensive. The costs of some of these AI tools are relatively inexpensive considering the ROI they can provide.

One last factor to take into consideration is how to prepare and train your workforce for this transformation. You may need to look off-shore for this. At Nelles we can help properly prepare your training materials, manuals, etc. to ensure you are using talent that has the skills to evolve with your digital transformation as well.